07 May, 2015

Super Six Basketball 
Slam dunk time!  April 23rd saw Taradale Intermediate tipping off in their first Super Six Basketball game at Pettigrew Green Arena. There were lots of healthy competition between all of the schools and some great skills on display. Once again our boys were undefeated!  As for the girls, well they won well a few of their games! Our teams trained hard before the games and deserved to play. Altogether Taradale Intermediate came second placing out of five different schools!

Game 1:
 Boys: Taradale 55-4 Heritonga
 Girls: Taradale 28-3 Heritonga
Game 2:
Boys: Taradale 33-18 Napier
Girls: Taradale 15-8 Napier
Game 3:
Boys: Taradale 25-20 Tamatea
Girls: Taradale 6-20 Tamatea 
Game 4:
Boys: Taradale 25-21 Hastings
Girls: Taradale 4-24 Hastings
Game 5:
Boys: Taradale 34-14 Havelock
Girls: Taradale 26-6 Havelock

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