07 May, 2015

Optimist Yachting

In week three and four of term one all of the classes at TIS went optimist yachting down at Pandora Pond. All the classes had a series of tasks to do like sailing to the other side of the pond or trying to go around the third buoy first. On some days classes found that it was a bit too windy or a bit too still and on some days classes found that they got the perfect weather. To go to the next level some classes did a triathlon. There was running, swimming and yachting. The people swimming sure can say the water was cold!! In the triathlon the sailor had to sail to the other island with the runner then they had to let the runner get off. While the runner was running all the way back to the swimmer. The sailor had to navigate back to the start on his or her own. Then when the runner got to the swimmer the swimmer swam around buoy two. The first team back won!! After that it was lunch. It was really nice to sit down and eat. When the day was coming to an end it really wasn't the end. Some classes went to the museum and some classes went fishing. It was a really good day and all of the classes had lots of fun!!

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