10 September, 2015

Illminster Exchange Home 2015

We were excited to host Ilminster Intermediate School to compete and play in a series of sports with us. We competed in a variety of sports including hockey, rugby, netball, table tennis and soccer. The action opened on a nice sunny day with our year seven netball team who went out and played and won 12-7 against Ilminster. Alongside our netballers, our under 45kg and 65kg rugby teams had a fierce game of rugby out at the rugby field. Sadly we lost both games. Following the loss of the rugby players, our team went up to the hockey on a cold day to work hard and play against the fierce Ilminster team. It turned out it was worth the cold and hard play as we won 12-0. Our table tennis team went to the school hall to play a hard, breaking match of table tennis. Scores up, down the whole time but at the end Ilminster won that long match, by about three. Right now the stakes are high and low, home and away. Taradale are hoping to win the shield. It came down to the last games of soccer. We were counting on our soccer players to get us the shield. Our boys pleased us and came away with a win, and our girls came away with a tie. Taradale are extremely excited wanting to know the scores. WE WON OUR HOME SHIELD BACK AGAIN! At every game was a great outcome of people playing and supporting our teams. Everyone had a great time.

New teachers

Thumbnail: Natalie PatersonThumbnail: Matt Bruin Also: Mrs McKee and Mrs Gray.

Here are our new teachers for this year.

Ms Batkins, Mrs McKee, Mrs Gray, Mr Bruin and Ms Patterson.

Strike Percussion 2015

BOOM, CRASH, BANG! The Strike Percussion group visited Taradale Intermediate in term 3. 

Strike performed to the students and left them 'wowed' with how amazing music can sound when you only play some percussion instruments. After the performance Students that payed $5.00 got to participate in a
45 minute drum workshop. 
 The workshop was really
entertaining for the
students and they learnt
how to play cool beats
in time with everyone else!

03 September, 2015

Super Six X-Country
Take your marks, get set, BANG! On Thursday a group of speedy kids competed at Park Island in their Super Six X-Country. Taradale Intermediate had their school X-Country about 3 weeks before Super Six, choosing 12 pupils from each age group giving them heaps of time to prepare. In total the coarse added up to 3 km, TIS were competing against 5 schools and successfully managed to take out first in each of the age categories, also placing first in all age groups and taking the Super Six shield back home. We also had some fantastic individual results with Josh Q coming fist in the year 7 boys, Charlotte L coming first in year 7 girls and Hannah C coming third in year 7 girls, Nataliya coming fourth in year 8 girls and Ollie M coming first in year 8 boys and Max T coming third in year 8 boys, so overall Taradale intermediate did really well and are pumped for next year.

27 August, 2015

National Lit Quiz

Taradale Intermediate Team 1(Kayla, Lucas, Dominic and Talia) came first in the Hawke's Bay Regional Lit Quiz. That meant that they qualified for the national Lit Quiz in Wellington. They represented Hawke's Bay with pride in the final coming 6th overall out of a huge number of teams.


 1st: Southwell School 
2nd: Wanganui Intermediate 
3rd: Awakeri School 

Blood sweat and tears, is this really what police have to do on a regular basis?   Four of Taradale Intermediates fastest, fittest, and fearless competed in the Hawkes Bay Police Blue Light Competition. Shyan, Ruby, Chaz and Ollie jumped, crawled and sprinted their way through the course. 18 schools competed in this challenging course. TIS finished with a time of 2min 18 sec and then it was a waiting game to see if anyone would beat their time! 3rd place was Tamatea, 2nd place was Iona and Hereworth and then the room went silent awaiting for the announcement of first place. The winner is... Taradale Intermediate! Applause and cheers filled the room. We all look forward to later on in the year when we will be travelling up to Wellington to compete in the Police Blue Light nationals!

Super Six Hockey

A group of excited Taradale Intermediate students departed for the annual Super Six Hockey with high hopes of bringing home the shield for 2015.  During the course of the day both the girls and boys team only conceded 1 goal which was an amazing effort. The teams got through the tournament undefeated, winning their games by over 3 goals and being clear winners on the day. 

25 June, 2015

Whanau Picnic Night

On the 14th of February 2015 students, parents and caregivers were invited to Taradale Intermediate to eat some yummy food and meet the teachers from the school. Overall it was a great evening for families and teachers, everyone enjoyed it and had a wonderful night meeting each other and eating their food. Teachers and parents thought that it was a wonderful idea so parents could meet the teacher and tell them a bit about their kids and what their goals are for 2015. Thanks to all those parents and kids that came to the great night!!

Super Six Soccer

Super Six Soccer
In Term One, two teams from T.I.S went to the Super Six soccer tournament. 

Each team played 4 other games and and the points were added together.  There girls had their work cut out for them with some challenging games.  The boys had a much easier road with big winning margins over a number of schools.   TIS was victorious once again winning the shield - a well deserved victory. 

Student vs Teachers cricket 2015

   Bring it on,
   At the end of Term one Taradale Intermediate had a tornament against students and teachers.
   We were happy to see Mr Coxon the old Principal on the field having a bit of fun.
   Steve was ready to play with his blue baseball bat.
   The students happily took the win and as for the teachers... they did well.

Awards Assembly Term One

At the end of Term One Taradale Intermediate School had an Awards Assembly to celebrate the successes over the term. Lots of students achieved their badges.These badges included Merit and Excellence awards for Sports, Academic, Service and Cultural. Bella was recognized for her contribution to the school and was rewarded with her support leader badge. Ms DW received a prize from Sport Hawkes Bay for being the most sport involved teacher in Hawkes Bay! The school is lucky enough to have some awesome people that perform and play songs (The ensembles groups). They performed incredibly well at the Assembly. Well done to all those students and teachers who got awards! See you next term!

28 May, 2015

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books from Greg English on Vimeo.
In the middle of term 1, 4 students from each class competed in the school lit quiz.
Room 6 from Takitimu proudly took win and room 1 from Mohaka came second.
Room 6 went of to represent our school at the Hawkes Bay lit quiz champs.

07 May, 2015

Optimist Yachting

In week three and four of term one all of the classes at TIS went optimist yachting down at Pandora Pond. All the classes had a series of tasks to do like sailing to the other side of the pond or trying to go around the third buoy first. On some days classes found that it was a bit too windy or a bit too still and on some days classes found that they got the perfect weather. To go to the next level some classes did a triathlon. There was running, swimming and yachting. The people swimming sure can say the water was cold!! In the triathlon the sailor had to sail to the other island with the runner then they had to let the runner get off. While the runner was running all the way back to the swimmer. The sailor had to navigate back to the start on his or her own. Then when the runner got to the swimmer the swimmer swam around buoy two. The first team back won!! After that it was lunch. It was really nice to sit down and eat. When the day was coming to an end it really wasn't the end. Some classes went to the museum and some classes went fishing. It was a really good day and all of the classes had lots of fun!!

Super Six Basketball 
Slam dunk time!  April 23rd saw Taradale Intermediate tipping off in their first Super Six Basketball game at Pettigrew Green Arena. There were lots of healthy competition between all of the schools and some great skills on display. Once again our boys were undefeated!  As for the girls, well they won well a few of their games! Our teams trained hard before the games and deserved to play. Altogether Taradale Intermediate came second placing out of five different schools!

Game 1:
 Boys: Taradale 55-4 Heritonga
 Girls: Taradale 28-3 Heritonga
Game 2:
Boys: Taradale 33-18 Napier
Girls: Taradale 15-8 Napier
Game 3:
Boys: Taradale 25-20 Tamatea
Girls: Taradale 6-20 Tamatea 
Game 4:
Boys: Taradale 25-21 Hastings
Girls: Taradale 4-24 Hastings
Game 5:
Boys: Taradale 34-14 Havelock
Girls: Taradale 26-6 Havelock

23 April, 2015


Off with a splash. Wednesday 26th March saw Taradale Intermediate competing in the Hawkes Bay swim champs at Flaxmere swimming pool. There were 10 schools competing and a lot of fun had by all. Winning results occurred on the night with: Taradale Year 8 boys and girls coming first in a medley relay with Ollie, Matthew, Kirk and Hamish in the boys team with a time of 1:05; and Natalya, Sophie, Kate and Kimberly in the girls team with a time of 1:11. 

We also had the Year 7 boys and girls gain 3rd in their medley relay with Hannah, Emma, Nanique and Susanna in the girls team with a time of 1:17 and Bradly, Carwyn, Campbell and James in the boys team with a time of 1:23. 

In the overall results we did really well with our Year 7 and 8 girls coming first in their division, Year 8 boys coming first in their division and Year 7 boys coming 3rd. Everybody had a great time.

Special Programmes on Thursdays

Each Thursday students have the opportunity to do extra activities such as culinary arts, sewing, sports to name a few. This week as part of the publicity team we took photos of these activities and made a college with the photos.

Interview with Dan - Chinese Language Teacher at T.I.S

Recently at Taradale Intermediate we have had a special visitor from China, her name is Dan. She has been teaching us how to speak Chinese, write in Chinese and paint. Dan has been teaching us about her culture and things that are different over there. We've been enjoying hearing about her culture and the fun classes she has. We are super excited to learn more from Dan. 

Interview with Dan from Greg English on Vimeo.

Super Six Softball

Batter up. Play Ball!

Akina Park was the host venue for the first round of the Super Six Competition. 

The Girls placed 3rd overall. They won 3, drew 1 and lost 1 of their games.

The Boys Placed 4th  with Taradale Intermediate coming 3rd overall.

Written by Shyan and Hermione.

Super 6 Softball 2015 from Greg English on Vimeo.

Leaders Camp 2015

For close to 10 years Taradale Intermediate, Taupo and Ilminster Intermediate have a two day leaders camp where the leaders have to work together in fun challenging activities.

This years school leaders camp was hosted at Taradale Intermediate school. We were lucky to have Ilminster Intermediate come down to Napier and participate in a lot of leadership activities. Unfortunately Taupo Intermediate wasn't able to make it to this years.

On our first day we started with an inspirational guest speaker Emily Naylor who is a New Zealand black stick. Then we did some teamwork bonding activities which was taken by the head girl and head boy of Taradale high school. Then we completed an amazing race around the Marine Parade. Later that night we went to ocean spa and the Napier prison. The Napier prison was filled with laughter, scares and tears. Every one had a awesome day and was looking forward to tomorrow.

On our second day we went to Camp Tutera and did the high ropes course we also did lots of problem solving tasks. High ropes was really fun as we were challenged to work as a team.

Overall the experience was awesome as we got to make new friends and we have all learnt a lot from this neat experience.

02 April, 2015

Mystery Reader 2015


On Wednesday 25th of March, in the library, we had a ‘mystery reader’ to come and read a book. Students were surprised to hear that the mystery reader was Mr Wilson, our school principal! The books Mr Wilson read to us were The Book With No Pictures, Barry, and Sometimes Love Is Under Your Foot.  I wonder who will be the mystery reader in Term 2!?