31 August, 2014

T.I.S Softball Team Competition

It started off as a nice warm sunny day, and everyone in the softball team jumped in the van and took a 20 minute drive to a awesome park next to Hastings Boy High School. Everyone was excited and ready for the great day ahead of them' all of them had their "swag pants" on and was ready to slide for their bases. They warmed up as they threw balls at each other and did soft hits to each other, so far everyone had smiles on there faces and were laughing together this was a great sign to a good tournament.

As the first game got away everyone was cheering each other on and every one had a good bat and field. The team won their first game and also won the next the next game. They had an unfortunate loss (being very close) but won their next game. The end results were that they won 4 and lost 1 and drew 1 and came out second in their grade! So in the end the T.I.S softball team had an amazing day!

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