29 August, 2014

Room 9 Learning

This Term Room 9 has been learning/doing a lot of different things, but the main focus has been on learning to put together an entertaining or informative speech.

We got to chose what type of speech we did, it had to be either persuasive or informative speech. We also got to chose our topic. In Room 9 we have topics from; child rights to why sport is better than technology.

Mr  Martin gave us this advice,
-Write down 3 main paragraph topics if you can't then its not a good topic.
-Do your speech on something your passionate about.
-Have fun when presenting your speech.
-Speak clearly.

I (Shontaye) chose to do an informative speech on child poverty. I chose child poverty because I want to make a difference, and hopefully my audience will help and donate or do something to end child poverty in our world.

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