07 March, 2012

How to Create an Animated Profile Picture using Gimp

A short video demonstrating how you can easily make an animated (moving) profile picture. This of course could be used to create other short animations as well, however this video focuses on using a few images to make a short gif animation.

This tutorial uses the program Gimp which can be downloaded free online. The video has been made for anyone who would like to learn more about creating gif animations and using Gimp.

Leave a comment if you need any further information.

View in HD (1080p) by clicking on the cog to see the clearest image (bottom right corner of the video window)

Click on the images below to see an example of the finished product.

(Effect: Photocopy)

(Effect: Cubism + Gradient background and changing the transparency)

1 comment:

P Lindsay said...

Thanks very much for this demo on creating an animation with GIMP. My son has been wanting to animate a lego project for weeks now, and this is just what we needed. I found the instructions real easy to follow. He is going to be so thrilled! :)