16 March, 2012

Close Call - Action Movie FX

Ever wondered what it would be like to shoot a fireball across the room?  Maybe into a messy room to do the clear a space for you?

Well, with this fun free app from the Apple app store you can go crazy all you like. It comes with 3 free effects and more available as an in-app purchase.

Check it out if you get a chance and unleash the film-maker inside!

My poor dog..

App store link - Action Movie FX

Check out this short film, made entirely on an iPhone and using Action Movie FX for the special FX. Pretty cool!


Alex M said...

That is so mean Mr E but funny

tyler said...

Hi, I'm from Canada B.C. I want to know one thing. Are your animal cruelty laws and property damages the same as ours? l.o.l. :)