20 February, 2012

The New Blog Central

Hopefully you're enjoying the new Blog Central design. The dynamic view allows you to choose how you prefer to visit the site. Change the view using the options found at the top left of the page. Just click the small arrow under the word Blog to see a list of options.

Remember if you have a smart phone or iTouch you can visit a mobile version or the site, just by visiting the same address - taradaleint.com

Here are two images of the very first banners on the Blog Central site. 

Blog Central - Before the name changed

Blog Central - Banner version 2

We hope you enjoying checking out the posts on this site, past and present. If you have a suggestion for the types of posts you'd like to see more of on the site then leave a comment!

To leave a comment, just click below where it says 'comments' and follow the prompts. You don't need an account to comment. IF your comment doesn't show up straight away it's probably because it hasn't been verified yet.

What do you think the site will look like in 5 years time? How about 20? Will we be using websites or some new sort of technology?

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