14 February, 2012

Blogsy And Wordfoto

I'm using my iPad to create this blog post. The app I'm using is called Blogsy. I've watched quite a few video tutorials shared in the app and so far I'm pretty impressed. It's all drag and drop which is great when using a touch screen. 

Below is an image I created using another great app called Wordfoto. I've really shared this image to test uploading images using an iPad. So far so good. 

My Wordfoto

All it takes to create your own Wordfoto is these simple steps:

  1. Download the app from the AppStore 
  2. Open the app on your iDevice
  3. Take a photo or select an image from your photo library
  4. Create a set of words (up to 10 from memory)
  5. Choose your style
  6. Save and share

It's really that simple. If you have an iPhone or iTouch I recommend checking it out.  



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