12 August, 2011

Who am I? - #1

Who Am I?

I was Born in Melbourne, Australia and went to high school in Christchurch.

I have climbed Mt. Everest (21000 feet). My favourite hobby is fishing , I like to read, listen to motivational speakers and I have even had a book published. My favourite food is Turkish Kebabs.

If you know who I am approach me and get the special code, post it in the comments along with your name and room number and someone will contact you about your prize.

*If your comment doesn't show up straight away, don't worry! It will be checked soon and then added (in the correct order).

P.S. Don't share your answer or you might spoil your own chances of a prize!

Post by: Tara and Jade


bradley said...

Bradley Graham
Room 6

Mr E said...

Well done Bradley, you are the first person to correctly identify the mystery person and find the correct code.

See me for your prize.

hamish mc said...
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