19 August, 2011

Tech Challenge School Finals

As most of you will know we have been doing Tech Challenges in class to find the best two people from each class to go into the school finals. the winners will go into the Hawkes Bay Tech Challenge for the Tech Challenge we had to make a balloon powered car . The team whose car went the furtherest would win.

  • All we had to use was

  • One roll of tape

  • One balloon

  • Two ping pong balls

  • Five rubber bands

  • Tweleve popcilcal sticks

  • Four kebab sticks

  • One pair of sissors

The only only rules with this were the balloon had to be attatched to the car and you were not allowed to give it any assistance to the car once you had set it off.

Congratulations to linda and kaya from room 2 who came 1st and to marcus and travis from room 24 who came 2nd .

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Anonymous said...

well done linda and kaya good girls from jaxon ferguson romm 2 :)