19 August, 2011

Hawkes Bay Mathletics - Year 7

On Tuesday, 4 Year 7 teams travelled to Havelock North Intermediate to compete in the annual HB Mathletics, where they faced off against 16 other teams from across the Bay. They competed in four grueling sections, including team problem solving, keypad, and individual.

Image source: danweem.com


T.I.S 1 - Second - Jade Chan, Brandon Huang and Lachie Calder - $30 each prize.

T.I.S 2 - Ninth - Calvin Herbert, Jarrod Hellyer, Georgia Shey

T.I.S 3 - Third - $20 each prize

T.I.S 4 - Thirteenth

In the individual finals, Lachie Calder came second for a $20 prize.

Example Question

This was the question that was asked in the individual finals

A counting number multiplied by itself is a square number
What year in the 18th century was a square number

(Post the answer in comments!)


T.I.S Team 1 was invited to come to Tauranga to participate in their regional Mathletics, which is taking place in a month or so.

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