01 April, 2011

Digi Kids - Video Styles

This week DigiKids were learning about different styles of film. Below are example videos for you to check out and a short description of each.

Check out this really creative video from the band Ok Go. This is a CONTINUOUS SHOT (camera records all the action in one take without pausing). See if you can spot any editing.

This next video is an example of STOP MOTION. Each frame (frames played quickly = moving picture) has been carefully planned to give the effect of motion. See how the sound effects almost lead us to believe it is real!

This last video is called a TIME LAPSE. The creator of the video took a photo (captured a frame) every 40 minutes for 74 days! The end result is a video playing back 30 frames per second. What an amazing way to examine decomposing fruit!

Other videos discussed worth mentioning are:

A Wolf Loves Pork - Stop Motion of sorts

Deadline - Stop Motion

Store Wars - Star Wars with Fruit and Veg (stop motion + special fx and sound)

What's your favorite creative video and why? Leave a comment.

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