01 December, 2010


Psychiatrists are concerned over what could happen when children have a barbie doll which has a hidden camera in it. They think children may video what may be looked on as inappropriate and breaching personal information. They are asking parents to boycott the purchase of these dolls.

The new barbie doll can a lot of things like do like record 30 minutes of full video. The video can be uploaded to Youtube and other websites for the whole world to see. The Barbie camera is similar to the nanny cam, which is a hidden camera inside a household object, which allows the parent to check on the baby while they are away. The doll has a camera at the back of its head to record and a USB cable under the doll.

(It's a hidden camera. Children don't look at video clips the way that adults do)
QUOTE: http://tvnz.co.nz/techno

But other people think this is not a problem because technology is the new today. Children are already playing with computers and uploading and downloading images. Plus they have access to I-pods, Facebook and other social websites.

At the end all parents should be able to choose whether they think this is alright or not.

Article by Mitchell L

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