02 March, 2010

Talking about Txting

dis wk @ schl w’r sharing r msgs @ schl UzN txt lang.

d idea S 2 gt evry1 NterestD n d msgs +2 hpefully pay attn.

dat wA @ d *t of AM T wen der r meetings ever1 shd shO ^.

d msgs R also shown @ d Nd of d PP n plain en 2 Nsure evry1 undAstnds.

wdyt bout d idea? leaV yr cmnt below by clicking on d cmnts link.


This week at school we're sharing our messages at school using txt language.

The idea is to get everyone interested in the messages and to hopefully pay attention.

That way at the start of morning tea when there are meetings everyone should show up.

The messages are also shown at the end of the PowerPoint in plain English to ensure everyone understands.

What do you think about the idea? Leave your comment below by clicking on the comments link.

Create your own text to lingo here!

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