30 October, 2009

Sharing Our Learning - Room 46

3 weeks into Term 4 already! The end of the year is fast approaching and things are starting to get pretty busy.

In Room 46 we have been learning lots of new skills and ways to use digital technologies. Some of the new learning has included:

*click on any heading to find out more*

Game Maker - Creating and playing our own video games

Blogging - Our own blogs! Check the links on the right of the page.

Windows Movie Maker - Learning to edit and create short films

Graffiti Creator - Making banners and tote labels

Wordle - Creating word clouds/ images

Slide - Cool slide shows to share events and learning

MS Publisher - Making hyperlinked bookshelves

Google Docs - Online documents and collaboration

Google Searching (advanced) - Using the options to search using Timeline, Wonderwheel and Google Squared

Google Sketchup - 3D Modelling

Edukite - A new online e-Portfolio, e-Learning and school portal (trial)

Camstudio - Screen recording to make tutorials and share learning (videoing games etc)

Wow! Not bad for 6 weeks of learning team. Challenge is, what will they do with your their new found skills and experience?

Here is a short video sharing a few of the other areas we have been involved in. Busy students!

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