19 October, 2009

Interactive Fiction - A Bear's Night Out

What is Interactive Fiction?

"Interactive fiction' is a broad term for any sort of story in which the reader takes a role more active than reading words and turning pages; the term has been applied to all sorts of fiction that doesn't fit the traditional mold of short stories, novels, and the like". edutechwiki

This week in Room 46 we have been reading an Interactive fiction game called ' A Bear's Night Out. The story starts with you, the reader as a teddy bear on top of a bed. Using simple commands the reader then has to navigate their way around the room and house searching for clues and investiagting. The story unfolds as more areas are explored and information is found.

Some basic commands can be found here.

This is a video of Room 46 engaged in 'A Bear's Night Out'.


David D said...

Nice to see my little game getting out there in the big wide world :) Hope everyone had a good time!

Mr E said...

We've had a lot of fun playing it so many thanks from all of us! Such a great way to enjoy two of many students biggest interests: gaming and reading. Lots of excitement and cooperation as students problem solved their way through the story.

Great game.