24 July, 2009

Kia Kaha - Websites

This term our Inquiry focus is on "Kia Kaha" - Standing Tall and Strong.

We hope that by doing this Inquiry students will develop ways of stopping the bullying and hassling that happens in our community and replacing it with positve co-operative, assertive behaviour.

Here are some websites related to bullying and bullying type behaviour:

Bullying - FREE powerpoints, interactive activities, games

It's My Life . Games . Rumor Control
Spreading rumours – sort the rumours into dangerous, hurtful, or harmless in this game.

It's My Life . Games . Beat the Bully
Space race – answer questions about bullying to move your character ahead of the bully to win the race.

WiredKids.com - Cyberbullying Quiz Answer questions about things that have happened to you or that you do online and at the end it assesses your online safety.

Some interesting videos related to bullying:

No More Bullies - YouTube

Hero in the Hallway! - YouTube


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