29 May, 2009

How to make a Banner for your Blog

This is a short tutorial showing you one way that you can make a banner for your blog. A cool banner makes your page more interesting and can help your viewers 'get' what your page is all about.
Another way you can make a banner is by creating your own graffiti text here. Check it out and give your blog real style.
Got a cool idea for making a banner? Leave a comment for others to check it out below.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool.But i was looking on Room 23's blog my cousin is in that class but was not in the photos?Are all kids on the slide show ?

Mr E said...

Some of the students may have been away on the day. Maybe you could add a comment under the slideshow and they could update it with the missing photo. Be nice for them to be included i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

that is so cool i am all the way over in the brzil you rock

talkster blog said...

Great display I might do that in my blog.


That is real cool.