21 May, 2009

Canteen Challenge - Google SketchUp

This week the FL maths class were given the challenge of making a scale model of the school canteen using Google SketchUp.

As an extra challenge groups had to work out their own system of measurement after a quick hold of a metre ruler.

Each group had three members, a BOSS (making sure everything is running smoothly), an ARCHITECT (in charge of sketching and measuring the canteen) and a DESIGNER (creating the model using Google SketchUp).

Some groups found the measuring task difficult without a metre ruler to use. Others found using a new programme quick difficult. There are lot of video tutorials on Youtube on how to create different models.

Here are some photos and clips of the class hard at work. Stay tuned to find out which group will win the supreme design award!


G.B said...

this was really fun but it was quite hard to =)

Rosie said...

This was REALLY hard without using a metre ruler but it was good fun!!!

Anonymous said...

it is really fun:D

Anonymous said...

hi this is jasmine,gracie and taylah!!!
sketch up is relly fun but is also challening!!!we dont know what else to write soooooo byebye

rm 24 and 23

Anonymous said...

HI this is Taylah. Jas, Gracie and I worked in a group to make a canteen in FL maths. Its really fun and challenging!!!!!!!!!!!

C U L8ter :)!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha(: xx said...

Haha Heapss OF Fun ! Loveed itt HEAPS ! We Have The Best Maths Class (:

Byyees [=

Anonymous said...

This was a great challenge - and great use of sketchup to make maths fun. Way to go team! Mr C

xElisebx said...

doing this was awesome but very challenging cant wait to try it again!!!