06 June, 2007

Mad Movie Finalists (TOP 12)

Well done to Hansel and Gretal and Lord of the Puff's who have made it to the finals of the Mad Movie Challenge. Be watching Studio 2 to see the trailers of these movies and find out more. Voting coming up soon. Tune in to Studio 2 on Wednesday 6th June at 4.30pm to watch Hansel and Gretel. Lord of the Puff's will be shown between the 11th - 15th June. Greer Robinson will be selecting 2 finalists from the 6 films played each week. The public will then vote on the final 4 to choose the overall winner. So keep watching Studio 2, tell your friends and family, and get voting!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic effort guys - more excitement to come!! You will be on the Red Carpet one day!! DC

Anonymous said...

awsome vid should be on youtube...or some vid website like that.... deserves a grammy!

I.C weiner

Anonymous said...

luv this movie tis the best out of da lot i think this movie will win da mad movie challenge fair and square